Colorado’s State Water Plan

Colorado's State Water Plan

In November 2015, Colorado’s first state water plan was released. Businesses across the state played a critical role in drafting the plan to ensure that the well-being of the Colorado’s rivers was incorporated as a priority for the future. During this process, the BWS team developed a business letter with 101 business owner signatures and delivered it to Governor Hickenlooper. John Land Le Coq, CEO of Fishpond and Lilypond, later presented the same letter to the Colorado Water Conservation Board.

Dennis Saffell, owner/broker of Coldwell Banker in Winter Park and Jack Bombardier, owner of Confluence Casting in Eagle County, provided testimony to the Colorado Water Conservation Board urging them to prioritize a statewide conservation goal for the state over costly trans-mountain diversions.

And, we were successful in our efforts! The final plan:

  • Sets the first-ever statewide water conservation targets for cities and towns, prioritizing water conservation as never before, with an urban conservation goal of saving 400,000 acre-feet of water by 2050 equates to nearly 1% per year water use reduction in our cities and towns
  • Creates guidelines so that any new laws and policies follow guidelines about water use and re-use in Colorado
  • Recognizes that to meet our future water needs we must change the status quo from focusing on new, large trans-mountain diversions to prioritizing conservation, reuse and recycling

Now is the Time for Implementation

One year after the signing of the final plan we continue to work for progress on implementing these concepts.

On October 13, 2016 we hosted a local Business of Water summit in Glenwood Springs which set the stage for this print ad which ran in the Glenwood and Aspen papers and this story on NPR.

And, we continue to work on ways to ensure that the plan doesn’t just sit on a shelf.

Media Highlights:

Western Outdoor Businesses Thrive on Clean, Healthy Rivers- Grand Junction Sentinel, 6/30/14, guest editorial by John Land Le Coq.

CO Can Meet Water Needs with Statewide Plan, Denver Business Journal, 11/13/15

Water Plan Needs Implementation, Steamboat Pilot, 8/25/16


Undivided- A New Approach to Colorado Water

Undivided-happy-hour-300X300rES72In July of 2015 we hosted “Undivided- A New Approach to CO Water” which brought together 60 small Denver business leaders to learn about the plan and offer their voices to the discussion.