Lower West Clear Creek

The West Clear Creek Irrigation Efficiency Project converts inefficient flood irrigation systems into increasingly efficient drip, micro jet, or sprinkler systems to reduce on-farm use of water at properties irrigated with water diverted from West Clear Creek. By reducing on-farm application of water through increasingly efficient application of water, this project reduces the amount of surface water diverted from West Clear Creek.

In concert with other irrigation modernization projects that include ditch piping, head-gate upgrades, conversion to drip or micro-jet irrigation systems, and/or shifts to less water intensive crops, this project restores flow throughout lower West Clear Creek.

* Improving water use or management in agriculture


Camp Verde, AZ

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Project Benefits:

Food & Water Security

Sustainable Agriculture

Water Efficiency Improvement

Wildlife & Habitat Improvement

Project Type:

Irrigation Infrastructure Modernization *


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Project Partner

The Nature Conservancy of Arizona