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This project replaces inefficient flood irrigation systems with modernized drip irrigation that precisely applies water to meet specific crop demands.  The project achieves food and water security benefits by reducing on-farm water use and decreasing the amount of water diverted out of the Verde River.  When completed, the project will reduce water diversions from the Verde River by up to seven million gallons annually.  In addition, the Verde Drip Project will serve as a pilot to guide the installation of larger drip irrigation systems that will convert up to 600 acres of flood-irrigated land to subsurface drip systems.

* Improving water use or management in agriculture

** This resource has been reviewed and found to meet the BEF Flow Program Certification Criteria for Evaluating Proposals to Secure Environmental Flows by the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation.


Camp Verde, AZ

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Project Benefits:

Food & Water Security

Sustainable Agriculture

Water Efficiency Improvement

Wildlife & Habitat Improvement

Project Type:

Irrigation Infrastructure Modernization *


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Project Partner

The Nature Conservancy of Arizona