Todd Reeve

Todd Reeve, Co-Founder-BWS

Todd Reeve is BEF’s CEO, where he pursues innovations at the intersection of corporate sustainability, renewable energy, and environmental water restoration. Todd created BEF’s Water Restoration Certificate® (WRCs) Program—the only national program that enables corporations and businesses to balance their water footprint by supporting projects that restore environmental flows to benefit depleted rivers, wetlands, and aquifers. He developed the nation’s first 10-year Model Watershed restoration program, directly supporting NGO-led efforts to achieve comprehensive ecological restoration outcomes across Pacific Northwest watersheds. Todd has overseen the development and funding of over 40 water restoration and Model Watershed projects across 11 states and Mexico. He leads work with companies, tribes, and NGOs to develop water program strategies, and he has published numerous articles profiling solutions to achieve improved flow and habitat conditions in western rivers and streams. Todd is the co-creator of Change the Course, a national water restoration campaign founded in partnership with National Geographic and Participant Media. He is the C0-Founder of Business for Water Stewardship, a network of businesses focused on securing water for business, nature and communities.

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