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Colorado’s economy, lifestyle, and identity is tied to access to clean, reliable water supplies and healthy, thriving rivers. Colorado communities and our economy depend on the state’s rivers and waterways for their well being and economic vitality. A growing population and changing climate are stressing the water sources we all depend on and businesses play a vital role in shaping our water future.

Colorado’s business community is promoting water security by making sure the Colorado Water Plan is fully funded and implemented, working with legislators to enhance the state’s conservation and efficiency measures and partnering with coalitions like For the Love of Colorado and Water for Colorado to advance bi-partisan, common sense water policy.

  • River Related Recreation Study- The outdoor industry in Colorado plays a major role in our economy. Nearly $19 billion is generated every year from the economic impact of people recreating on or near the state’s rivers, lakes and streams. We work with leaders in the outdoor industry to advance solutions to water challenges and to work to keep our rivers healthy and flowing.
  • Implementation and Funding of Colorado’s Water Plan- Colorado’s business community is promoting water security by making sure the Colorado Water Plan is fully funded and implemented. The plan will protect rivers, promote water flexibility and sharing, and increase water conservation and efficiency. Find out more about our work on the plan through our involvement with the Water for Colorado coalition.
  • Partnerships to Fund Water and Rivers- We partner with corporations to bring private funding to river-related funding needs, support Referendum DD and the #WaterWins campaign which taxes sports betting in the state for water funding, and we supported 2020 ballot initiatives in the Colorado River District and St. Vrain & Left Hand Water Districts which passed and will increase their mill levies to fund water and river projects. We bring the business voice to these efforts which are designed to find innovative solutions to the state’s water funding challenges.
  • Water Education- Coloradans understand the importance of clean, safe water, yet aren’t aware of the crisis the state faces—our population is expected to go from 5 million in 2019 to 8.5 million in 2050 with water supplies remaining the same. We are working with the For the Love of Colorado and Water Education Colorado’s Statewide Water Education Action PLan (SWEAP) campaigns to help advance water savings messages across the state.

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Colorado’s Rivers Key to Recreation Economy

Recreating on or along the water in Colorado is an integral part of the outdoor opportunities enjoyed by the state’s residents and visitors. Read the study showing that river related recreation is a major economic driver for the state with over $10 billion spent each year and nearly $19 billion in overall economic output.

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