Natural Edge Riparian Restoration

Shorelines are vital habitat and throughout their life cycles, over 90% of aquatic species use shorelines for food, shelter, breeding, and rearing areas. However, shoreline development is impacting Canada’s freshwater ecosystems, causing issues such as poor water quality, erosion, and blue-green algae blooms. Taking action on both public and private property now can help reverse these effects while protecting the future of our freshwater. Watersheds Canada’s Natural Edge is a shoreline naturalization program with the goal to restore shoreline and agricultural buffers. Watersheds Canada provides local groups with the tools and information to deliver the program in their communities, including the Natural Edge App, Canada-wide Native Plant Database, an online Admin system, and all necessary program materials.

* Project restores natural hydrologic conditions to facilitate improved capture and infiltration of surface water and groundwater recharge


Ontario, CA

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Project Benefits:

Community Engagement & Education

Enhancing Recreation & Economic Benefits

Wildlife & Habitat Protection

Project Type:

Restoration of Natural Hydrology *


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