Intel—A Water Stewardship Leader Across the Tech Industry

As one of the first global tech companies to commit to a global water restoration goal, Intel has emerged as a leader in water sustainability across the tech industry. The following provides an update on Intel’s journey to meet their goal to restore 100% of their global water use by 2025.

Intel now surpasses key water project benchmark with 19 water projects funded with initial focus on U.S. sites—To date, Intel has funded 19 water restoration projects benefiting Arizona, California, Oregon, and New Mexico communities and watersheds; these projects are expected to restore an estimated 1.2 billion gallons per year (BGY) of water once complete. Learn more about individual projects here.

Intel wins Portland Business Journal Innovation in Philanthropy Award—Intel was awarded the Innovation Award for their water restoration partnerships, including Business for Water Stewardship (BWS) in the Willamette River Basin on October 3, 2019. Intel’s work in Oregon supported investment in 5 new projects that will collectively improve watersheds and restore 480 million gallons a year, supporting fish, communities, and recreation. Learn more here.

Intel receives Arizona 2019 Environmental Excellence Award—Over 650 businesses gathered on September 21, 2019 to recognize nominees for the Environmental Excellence Award and celebrate Arizona Forward’s 50th anniversary. Intel’s leading work in collaboration with nonprofits in Arizona and the Colorado River basin to support 10 on-the-ground projects earned Intel the Sustainability Champion award for Restoring Water in the Desert. Read more about Intel’s impact here.

Intel, a Sustainability All Star—Intel was recently named #4 on Fortune’s Change the World List for their commitment to water conservation. Intel balances water used in their operations via water treatment, reuse, and/or funding for on-the-ground restoration projects that tie to their global water replenish goal. Read the short summary here.

Intel joins Verde River Field Trip—On October 22, 2019 Intel joined Business for Water Stewardship and The Nature Conservancy’s Arizona Chapter on a field tour with other corporate partners that support water stewardship projects across the Verde River Basin and Arizona. The trip provided an opportunity for business leaders to see on-the-ground projects first hand, identify new opportunities, and build understanding of the work and vision of project and community partners. A common theme between projects was the essential role that corporate funding plays as it provides needed support for innovative practices that may not be eligible for philanthropic funding. Project sites included: Sinagua Malt, Hauser & Hauser Farms, Tres Hermanas Ranch, and Page Spring Cellars.

Project highlight: In 2018, Intel supported The Nature Conservancy of Arizona in a project that converts high water use crops to low water use barely production to conserve water and support flows in the Verde River. The barley is now being used to create craft beer with Arizona Wilderness Brewing and others. Learn more about the project here.