Arizona Drought Contingency Plan

Arizona Drought Contingency Plan

Arizona is at a critical juncture on water. The Arizona State legislature will soon be making decisions that have important implications for our economic development, growth, and sustaining and growing the industry across the desert southwest.

The latest sobering statistic is that without action, The Bureau of Reclamation is now modeling a 1 in 5 chance that by 2026 there will be no Colorado River Water available for Arizona.

To summarize some quick background information on the state of affairs of Arizona’s water situation:

  • Arizona has been in 18 years of sustained drought; with Lake Mead at only 38% full, and dire predictions for future levels, it’s apparent that Arizona is now under a new hydrology that will shape our business future.
  • With more than 2 million Arizona jobs and 60% of Arizona’s GDP tied to water from the Colorado River, the state’s future and ability to grow will hinge on securing a reliable, predictable, and cost-effective water supply from the Colorado River.
  • Over the last year, the state, the legislature, the tribes and all stakeholders have been working hard to reach an agreement on how to sustain and secure Arizona’s water supply with less run off—the plan that is being developed is called the Drought Contingency Plan (DCP).
  • Details and terms of the DCP plan are not yet complete, but it is critical that Arizona advance a plan that ensures there is predictable water supply that allows Arizona to continue to grow and do business, and attracts people, workforce and new investments in the state.  The legislature is compelled to approve a plan in 2019.
  • The emerging DCP plan is designed to provide a safeguard for Lake Mead that can sustain predictable water delivery from the Colorado River for businesses and communities.
  • The business community is an important stakeholder that largely has not been involved in this dialogue. We contend that it is important for Legislators to understand the business perspective.
  • The DCP is a responsible, non-partisan plan that is good for business and for Arizona.  Arizona needs to act in 2019, and we want to be sure that business interests are included so that Arizona makes the best decision going forward.

For more information on the campaign to pass an Arizona Drought Contingency Plan in early January 2019 click here.

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