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Change the Course (CtC)

Change the Course (CtC) brings together corporations, conservation organizations, and the public to raise awareness about freshwater, reduce water footprints, and ensure clean and reliable water for rivers, commerce, and communities.

Sponsors fund, we restore water, and people are inspired to conserve in their daily lives. It’s a virtuous cycle of education, conservation and restoration – and it’s working.

Sponsor Highlight
Every year since 2015, Waste Management and The Thunderbirds have brought partners together to help Change the Course of Arizona’s freshwater future. In five years of partnership, we have funded seven innovative water restoration projects in Arizona and restored 270 million gallons of water. Click here to learn more and find out how your business can participate.

CtC Sponsor Toolkit

Learn how your company or organization can participate in Change the Course.

Leverage the Change the Course brand through a sponsor toolkit, marketing support, and water facts & tips, to create unique and compelling employee, consumer and fan activations.

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Promise the Pod (PtP)

 Promise the Pod (PtP) will plant trees from British Columbia to California—near primary Chinook salmon streams and in urban areas, restore habitat in 8 priority projects, and gather voices to speak up for the remaining 73 orcas.

The Southern Resident orcas living along the West Coast are down to just 73 individuals. Restoring streams that feed into the Pacific and planting trees that benefit regional habitat will help these pods have the food and clean water they need to thrive.

Sponsor Highlight
PtP charter sponsor Alaska Airlines launched Alaska Airline’s #FillBeforeYouFly initiative on September 12, 2019. The campaign launched at the Sea-Tac Airport and encouraged travelers to bring a pre-filled water bottle on board their next flight and post a picture with the hashtag #FillBeforeYouFly. PtP will work with on the ground partners to plant 1 tree for every post. Since launch, Alaska Airlines customers have contributed to 5,000 trees being planted.

Press Coverage

PtP Sponsor Toolkit

From videos to photos, from color palettes to logo lockups—the hard part is done. Just grab what you want to share from the following pages, and you’re off. Every orca counts!

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