Changing the Course of Water Stewardship

Through the Change the Course campaign, we bring together corporations, universities, sports teams, and events to design and support stakeholder engagement activations that leverage brand influence to inspire water conservation awareness and action. We have engaged hundreds of thousands of people at sporting events, concerts, national parks, college campuses, B2B conferences, airports, and in the workplace. By customizing our Change the Course campaign assets, our partners are always finding new and creative ways to inspire their employees, fans or partners to conserve water. Through signage, social media, contests, on-site interactive platforms, and field trips, Change the Course sponsors lead efforts to increase public awareness and promote corporate water stewardship to shrink our collective human water footprint.

Change the Course provides companies and organizations with a way to invest in water restoration with measurable results. To date, over 30 corporate sponsors have signed on to advance the movement and more than 240,000 individuals have made a pledge to conserve water through the Change the Course campaign. As a result, over 8 BILLION gallons of water have been restored through more than 30 Change the Course projects across 10 U. S. states and Mexico.

Change the Course Anthem


Corporate Engagement

Designed with uplifting and proactive messaging to raise water awareness and inspire efforts to conserve water, the Change the Course campaign offers corporate sponsors tangible public engagement metrics and verifiable environmental results that can be tracked and reported.

ww-lwwa-boothWhiteWave Foods + Sustainable Brands Conference
Looking to invite other corporate sustainability leaders to join the conversation around freshwater stewardship, WhiteWave Foods Company hosted a Change the Course themed booth at the annual Sustainable Brands conference in 2016.



lwwia_img_001-1024x683-w-photo-creditWaste Management Phoenix Open
Seeking a way to connect over 200,000 golf fans in simple ways to conserve water, Waste Management set up “Life Without Water is Awkward” photo booths throughout the Phoenix Open in 2015, 2016 and 2017.



Cinemark-Video Screen Shot-CtC-2015Coca-Cola + Cinemark + Starwood
With a goal of engaging multiple vendors in water conservation and restoration, Coca-Cola inspired Cinemark Theatres and Starwood Hotels & Resorts to run Change the Course themed videos and incorporate signage inviting patrons to conserve.


reverb-photo-frame_ctcREVERB + Alabama Shakes
Looking to inspire fans to take meaningful water conservation actions, REVERB partnered with Change the Course to engage Alabama Shakes fans to make public pledges to conserve in 2016.

Change the Course Engagement Site

The Change the Course website engages corporate stakeholders, sports fans, and the public in setting a new course for water sustainability.
The Change the Course website engages corporate stakeholders, sports fans, and the public in setting a new course for water stewardship.

Make Change the Course Your Own

Coca-Cola and WM Dasani Hang Tag Promotion
Biokleen Giveaway Signage
Alabama Shakes Tour Snapchat Filter

Sports + Universities

We partner with professional and collegiate sports properties to empower fans and students to conserve water at home and beyond the tap. Leveraging their team, mascot or league voice, sports partners work with Change the Course to develop customized assets and activations that educate and inspire fans and the larger community around water stewardship.

nhl_ctcNational Hockey League
To signify a pledge to protect the future of the game and the communities in which the clubs play, the NHL launched its Gallons for Goals program in 2011, and has activated Change the Course with fans and employees to restore water to nature since 2014.





Make it Rain ASUArizona State University Sun Devils Athletics
Committed to making it rain for rivers in Arizona, ASU Sun Devils Athletics launched the #MakeItRainASU campaign during the 2016 football season to inspire students to conserve water and participate in restoring water to nature.



CtC - WarriorsGolden State Warriors + BMW
Aiming to create a unique NBA Green Week activation, the Warriors enlisted their local BMW dealership and NBA All-Star Draymond Green in a Change the Course themed social media competition to drive water conservation awareness and restoration.

WellsWells Fargo Foundation + Portland Trail Blazers + University of Colorado Boulder
Seeking to balance a water footprint and activate fans, Wells Fargo Foundation partnered with both the Portland Trail Blazers and the University of Colorado at Boulder on two separate activations.

The Portland Trail Blazers wanted to balance the water footprint of their home venue (the Moda Center) and engage fans in water conservation. They partnered with Wells Fargo Foundation to activate Change the Course for the 2016-2017 NBA season.

The University of Colorado at Boulder balanced the water footprint of the Athletics Department, and Change the Course was white-labeled “Water for the West” so that the University could customize the campaign to meet multiple sustainability and diversity and equity goals. College student leaders set up a FLOWS (Foundation for Leaders Organizing for Water and Sustainability) program designed to engage underserved homes to conserve water. Students installed water-efficient devices including low-flow toilets provided by KOHLER.

Colorado-University 2“Reducing our water impacts and improving water supplies for people throughout the Pac-12 Conference region is an opportunity and responsibility we take seriously. Becoming water balanced is the next natural progression in a series of global leadership steps taken by CU Athletics.” Rick George, CU Athletics Director

Change the Course Fans

Phoenix Open 2“Water is one of the most precious natural resources in Arizona and Change the Course gives everyone attending the Waste Management Phoenix Open the opportunity to make a positive impact. Their individual pledges may not seem like much by themselves, but together they can make a huge difference to the future of our water supply.  It is an honor to participate in this grass-roots movement.” Dan Mahoney, Tournament Chairman

Waste-Management 2“Water conservation is a critical issue in Arizona and throughout the Southwest United States, and Waste Management and The Thunderbirds are pleased to join with the Change the Course campaign to assist in this very worthwhile effort. By generating awareness of how individuals can make small, yet meaningful changes to conserve water in their daily lives, and gathering their pledges to support active projects including the Verde River, we are demonstrating another way we help preserve and protect the environment for generations to come.” Michele Grossman, Managing Principal of Waste Management Sustainability Services

Coke 2“By partnering with Change the Course and contributing additional dollars to the Verde River Program, we’ll help restore significant water flow to the river. Working with a diverse group of stakeholders, including land owners and irrigators, we’ll invest in new irrigation infrastructure that will allow irrigators to better control and manage the water they divert from the river.”  Jon Radtke, Coca-Cola North American Water Resource Manager

Kohler 2“The economic and environmental benefits of reducing water consumption are significant no matter where you live in North America. But with Change the Course, your pledge and the actions you take to reduce water use in your home will also benefit one of the most stressed rivers in the world.” Rob Zimmerman, Senior Channel Manager for Kohler Co.

Join Us

Change the Course offers corporate sponsors and partners tangible public engagement and environmental results that can be tracked and reported. Focusing on the campaign’s two primary goals: Inspiring People and Restoring Water, we will help identify your water stewardship goals, develop a customized engagement proposal, and activate your commitment.

Engagement Opportunities Include:

  • Balance a meaningful portion of your organizational water footprint with support of water restoration projects and delivery of Water Restoration Certificates®
  • Make a financial contribution to support the collective impact of the work in the of Change the Course portfolio projects
  • Leverage the creativity and influence of your brand and partner with Change the Course to inspire water conservation in customers and stakeholders

Join our Change the Course corporate partners to help us change the course of freshwater across North America.

Change the Course Sponsor Packet

Learn how your company or organization can participate in Change the Course.
Learn how your company or organization can participate in Change the Course.