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Countless businesses generating in excess of $1.7 Trillion in economic benefit rely on the Colorado River system. By signing the endorsement below you will be joining a network of nearly 1,400 businesses that support healthy flows for the economic vitality these rivers provide. Click here to discover the benefits of endorsing our work.

Endorsement Statement

As a business leader, I want to be part of a business-led movement that supports water management policies and actions that sustain vibrant economies and communities alongside healthy flowing rivers.  Please add my company to the growing list of businesses that endorse the following statement and policy priorities and principles:

The Colorado River and its tributaries generate trillions of dollars in economic activity annually and millions of jobs in the 7 states that use water from the river.  Our future economic and community prosperity is inextricably tied to the health of our rivers, streams, and lakes, and water management solutions should balance the needs of business, nature, and communities.

Implementing smart water use strategies and keeping water in the Colorado River, its tributaries, and other rivers in the West will safeguard businesses, enhance quality of life, and promote vibrant economies.

To this end, I support cost-effective, common-sense solutions, and priorities and principles that will help protect the Colorado River and sustain regional economic and social well-being.  These solutions include my support for:

  • Water Conservation and Efficiency
  • Water Reuse and Recycling
  • Flexible Water Management
  • Improved Water Data and Information

By providing your name and information you are joining a network of over 1,100 businesses that support healthy flows and recognize the economic vitality that rivers provide. By joining this movement, you will receive periodic emails and requests to take action along with the benefits below. We bring the voice of businesses like yours to decision makers.

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