All water has value.
We can help you untap it.

How we use, manage, and value water will dictate our future.

Business for Water Stewardship, a program of the Bonneville Environmental Foundation, helps businesses work collaboratively with community and policy stakeholders to advance solutions that ensure people, economies, and ecosystems have enough clean water to flourish.

We invite tribal nations, agriculture, food, beverage or technology companies, community organizations, environmental advocates, and policymakers to join us to transform how we collectively value, use, and manage water today.

In promoting water-smart policies and programs, Business for Water Stewardship collaborates with businesses through:

  • Engagement platforms: We design awareness and engagement campaigns such as our national Change the Course campaign which transforms the way society values, uses, and manages water.
  • Collective water action: We help businesses implement projects that restore rivers and replenish aquifers. From restoring floodplains along the Rio Grande to modernizing irrigation in the Colorado River Basin and planting trees to reduce pollution in Puget Sound, we tailor our approach locally to make the greatest impact. Through our “Water Restoration Certificates,” a business can balance its water footprint while achieving important water security, food security, and environmental benefits.
  • Leadership through policy engagement: We help businesses engage and advocate on policy issues through meetings, lobby days and media opportunities at the federal, state and local levels.


Whether meeting with lawmakers, participating in roundtables and meetings to learn more about the current status of water in the West, or helping tell your corporate story about innovation, conservation or efficiency to inspire action; BWS is ready to partner with you to profile business leadership and action on water stewardship.

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