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We are a committed team of professionals focused on collaborating directly with business and corporate partners to

  • Advance corporate water stewardship strategies that achieve CSR and sustainability objectives
  • Influence 21st century water management and policy actions necessary to meet the combined needs of business, rivers, and communities
  • Test, deploy, and directly support on-the-ground environmental water stewardship projects and partnerships that maximize the social and environmental benefits supported by our limited freshwater resources
  • Engage diverse sets of employees, fans, customers, vendors or other stakeholders in water conservation and restoration.

The Bonneville Environmental Foundation (BEF) is the parent organization that supports all aspects of the Business for Water Stewardship (BWS) platform. Since 1999, BEF has developed and led innovative programs that test and develop new approaches, services, and products that allow companies and communities to collaborate and maximize the benefits provided by rivers and natural freshwater resources. BEF created the first national, market-based program allowing companies to balance their water footprint by supporting projects that restore water to benefit depleted rivers, streams, and wetlands (the Water Restoration Certificate® Program). In partnership with National Geographic and Participant Media, BEF also co-created Change the Course (CtC)—a national, freshwater stewardship campaign that builds a corporate movement to change the way society values, uses, and manages water.

In 2013, Protect the Flows (PTF), the business voice for the Colorado River, began conversations with BEF about how both groups could work collaboratively to scale the influence and impact of the business sector. Established in 2011, PTF had successfully developed and led a coalition of businesses committed to maintaining healthy flowing rivers in the Colorado Basin. As of January 2016, PTF’s business coalition included almost 1,200 businesses, from main street retailers to Fortune 500 companies.

In early 2016, Protect the Flows (PTF) officially merged with the Change the Course campaign under the leadership of the Bonneville Environmental Foundation. This resulted in a unique Business for Water Stewardship (BWS) platform that brings together over two decades of experience—and a team with a proven track record of supporting companies across North America and achieving significant results. Collectively, we have:

  • improved habitat across more than forty river systems and restored over 19 billion gallons of water to replenish depleted rivers and communities
  • partnered with the business community to influence decision makers and advance policies needed to provide water security for rivers, communities, and business, and
  • facilitated academic studies to understand the value of healthy flowing rivers and have convened and worked directly with corporate leaders to craft business-backed water stewardship principles that guide needed policy reforms.

Today, the BWS platform represents a full portfolio of proven programs created through nearly 20 years of leadership. We stand ready to help our business partners shape a progressive approach to balance water use needs and ensure that rivers and business can flourish side by side.