Collective Water Action

Collective Water Action

Corporate water stewardship requires more than just reducing your water footprint. Leadership on water requires strategy, collective impact, and innovation.

That’s why corporate water leaders turn to BEF. BEF is the most trusted, knowledgeable, and proactive partner on water projects in the U.S.

Better than anyone else, BEF understands what companies need to meet their collective water action goals. Our Business for Water Stewardship™ team knows how to improve your water strategy, which water projects to invest in, which partners to pair with, and how to maximize your impact.

What We Do

Companies trust BEF to:

  • Catalyze Collective Action
  • Guide Strategy
  • Map Priority Watersheds or Basins
  • Vet, Source, and Curate a Water Portfolio
  • Manage Projects and Funding

Project Bank

Photo by Tana Kappel
Photo by Tana Kappel

Our leadership on water is guided by our core values:

  • We honor local project partners by respecting their knowledge and community needs.
  • We join with a diverse set of partners who each contribute to more inclusive and equitable climate and water solutions.
  • We explore challenges with a flexible and innovative lens.
  • We embrace collaboration with our respected peers to help accelerate critical water restoration and conservation.
  • We ignite broader participation to accelerate a water stewardship movement that scales and leverages business engagement.


The BWS Project Bank contains descriptions of funded projects. The portfolio collectively supports food and water security, addresses corporate supply chain water impacts, and/or achieves environmental and social benefits needed to sustain viable economies, rivers, and communities in key areas of interest. The platform represents the work and leadership of dozens of NGO groups working to protect and enhance freshwater resources across North America.



The Benefits of Water Stewardship

We support projects that have a meaningful impact with real benefits:

  • Community engagement & education
  • Enhancing recreation & economic benefit
  • Green infrastructure investment
  • Groundwater conservation & replenishment
  • Increasing water conservation & efficiency
  • Securing water for communities & food production
  • Water access, sanitation and hygiene (WASH)
  • Water quality improvements
  • Wildlife & habitat protection


Water Restoration Certificates

Innovative companies trust BEF to provide verified, high-quality water projects that balance their water footprint, gallon-for-gallon.

Our WRCs® can help your brand make a water claim on product packaging, meet Alliance for Water Stewardship Standards, or achieve B-Corporation or LEED® certification. Together we can improve rivers, wetlands, meadows, and groundwater across North America.

For more information on how Water Restoration Certificates can help balance your water footprint, visit the BEF website.

Verifiable Registration & Tracking

Our WRCs are third-party verified, tracked, and registered so you never have to worry about the quality of your impact or investment.