Endorsement Benefits

Endorsement Benefits

Companies who join our network by signing the Business Endorsement Statement engage in our work in a variety of ways and can participate at whatever level they are comfortable. Some endorsers sign letters to decision makers urging conservation in the planning of the use of the Colorado River. Others travel to Washington, DC to meet with members of Congress and the Department of the Interior. In other cases, endorsers simply add their name to a growing list of companies interested in supporting wise water management decisions that will showcase the economic and social importance of healthy flowing rivers. In every case, endorsers add their business perspective to the dialogue about the future of the river and its tributaries.

Communication: All endorsers will receive periodic e-newsletters with updates about the Colorado River, policy issues, and actions on water sustainability. You can unsubscribe from e- newsletters at any time. You can also follow us on Facebook and Twitter for more frequent updates. You will be the first to know when new reports and research on the Colorado River are published, or when action needs to be taken to protect the river.

Visibility: By joining our efforts, you can let your customers and stakeholders know you care about our environment and value our communities. We feature our endorser businesses and their water stewardship efforts on our website and social media channels.

Access to Decision Makers: Endorsers are offered the opportunity to meet with Members of Congress and other federal officials and to attend conferences and workshops where they can meet those who are shaping local, state and national water policies.

Sharing Best Practices: We convene business and corporate leaders to share success stories, innovations and what works to more efficiently and effectively manage water in their own companies. We provide a forum to learn about practical, cost-effective solutions that improve your company’s bottom line and protect our natural resources at the same time.