San Luis Rio Colorado III

In 2015 BEF’s Water Restoration Program provided critical funding to restore water and habitat in the depleted Colorado River delta.  BEF’s support for the project will result in nearly one billion gallons of restored water and will provide both base flows and small pulse flows necessary to help create riverside habitat that benefits myriad birds and wildlife species.  The Colorado delta was once one of the world’s great desert ecosystems, and a bi-national agreement between the U.S. and Mexico provides a key opportunity to restore this ecosystem.  BEF’s ongoing support (in addition to the support and hard work of many NGOs) is helping restore water to enhance this once great ecosystem.

* Project supports voluntary transactions to change, reduce or stop water use – either temporarily or permanently – to protect or restore water for environmental benefit

** This resource has been reviewed and found to meet the BEF Flow Program Certification Criteria for Evaluating Proposals to Secure Environmental Flows by the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation.


Sonora, Mexico (Colorado River Delta)

Start Up Date:


Project Benefits:

Groundwater Replenishment

Recreation & Economic Enhancements

Water Quality Improvement

Wildlife & Habitat Improvement

Project Type:

Flow Restoration Transaction *


Funding Needed

WRCs Generated:

Yes **

Project Partners

Pronatura Mexico and Colorado River Water Trust