Arizona Drought Contingency Plan

Arizona Drought Contingency Plan

Arizona part of Drought Contingency Plans Passed by Congress

On January 31, the Arizona State Legislature approved Arizona’s Drought Contingency Plan (DCP).  The bill’s passage was nearly unanimous, and Arizona Governor Doug Ducey signed it that night. This DCP agreement was a significant and momentous piece of legislation for Arizona, and it could not have been done without the leadership from Governor Ducey, the Tribes, State Legislature, the Arizona Department of Water Resources and the Central Arizona Project. The Arizona business community also played an integral role, with leadership from the Arizona Chamber of Commerce and many BWS corporate partners.

Congress then subsequently passed and the President signed, landmark, bipartisan legislation to protect the Colorado River system and the nearly one in eight Americans who rely on it for their drinking water and livelihoods. The Drought Contingency Plan (DCP) provides crucial stability for a river system that spans seven states, two countries, and supports thousands of American companies, communities and ecosystems across the West.

DCP puts safeguards in place to help manage water use now and better deal with a potential shortage. Arizona and the six other Colorado River basin states wisely chose to include conservation measures in the DCP—and shared in their sacrifice to avoid costly litigation and imposed cuts.

Congress and the states are to be commended for this bipartisan, collaborative process. The success of that process also illustrates how business leaders can work with lawmakers to find common ground across the aisle and develop policies safeguarding the natural resources so vital to our regional and national economies.

Recognizing we had to make concessions now to be prepared for when, not if, water levels dropped to “shortage” levels, many companies Arizona have already taken voluntary steps to prioritize conservation.  Those efforts include developing partnerships like the Chandler, AZ partnership with Intel Corporation to enable a reverse osmosis facility that treats wastewater discharge to drinking water quality standards for groundwater recharge and community reuse.  Additionally, Intel invests in onsite water conservation systems that conserve approximately 1.3 billion million in Arizona each year and is investing in projects that are restoring water to Arizona’s watersheds.

After Arizona passed its DCP legislation all seven of the Basin States submitted a letter to Congress initiating the next step in the process, federal legislation. Read our letter to Congress here urging decisive and bi-partisan legislation supporting implementing the DCPs.

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