Arizona Water Planning

Arizona Water Planning

Water lies at the core of Arizona’s economy, lifestyle, and identity. Clean, reliable water supplies are critical for Arizona communities and our economy. As a major economic driver for the state over two million jobs and 60% of our gross state product (GSP) rely on a healthy Colorado River. In January 2019, Governor Ducey signed the Drought Contingency Plan (DCP) into law.  This landmark legislation allowed the passage of a system-wide plan to help protect and stabilize the Colorado River and Arizona’s water supplies.

Arizona businesses supporting water solutions

The business voice was critical in supporting the passage of the DCP legislation. Companies from all regions and sectors of Arizona’s economy played an active role in advocating in support of the legislation to secure Arizona’s water future. The passage of the DCP legislation in Arizona would not have been possible without the strong support of nearly every sector of water-users statewide, including the business community.

After Arizona passed its DCP legislation all seven of the Basin States submitted a letter to Congress initiating the next step in the process, federal legislation. Read our letter to Congress here urging decisive and bi-partisan legislation supporting implementing the DCPs.

With the 2019 legislative session closed, we look ahead at what is next for Arizona as it relates to water and business interests.  Arizona is a growing economy, attracting new businesses every day, and the business voice remains critical to shape our water future.

We know there is more work to do.

  • Managing Groundwater- We are working to protect and manage our valuable groundwater supplies. Arizona businesses count on secure groundwater supplies to sustain operations and grow and have a critical voice in these statewide discussions.
  • Conservation and Efficiency – With the passage of DCP, we know companies will continue to innovate to “do more with less.” Our business partners strive to make the most of every drop and to share innovative projects, ideas and best practices to guide lawmakers and policy makers.
  • Keeping Arizona Open for Business- Arizona continues to attract new businesses to the state every day.  We work to promote a secure water future, so that existing businesses or new businesses looking to locate here know the state is open for business.
  • Funding Healthy River Initiatives- Communities rely on their rivers to remain healthy and vibrant. That is why we work to match corporate funding with on-the-ground projects to restore and maintain healthy river ecosystems. We have worked extensively on projects on the Verde River with business partners.

Click Here to find out more about the economic role the river plays in Arizona and how your company can be involved in our work to advance common sense, bi-partisan solutions to the state’s water challenges.

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