FAQ: Waters for Georgia Program

FAQ: Waters for Georgia Program

The FAQ  page will be updated on a regular basis, for more information about the Waters for Georgia Program, click here.

  • If a non-profit already receives a charitable donation from the Georgia Power Foundation, can they still apply for a grant under the Water for Georgia Program?
    Yes, an organization may submit an application even it already receives support from GPF.
  • If an applicant has several projects that meet the criteria for the Waters for Georgia Program, would they be encouraged to submit an individual application for each project?
    Applicants may submit more than one application. BEF is ready to work with applicants to help determine if bundling projects into a single application is appropriate.
  • Are projects focused on monitoring or outreach and education eligible for the grant program?Proposals focused on these areas could be considered if they are a critical element of an on-the-ground project.
  • Can grant funds be used to support project elements not directly related to construction – e.g., planning, design, etc.?
    Grant funds may be used for any critical elements of a project including planning, permitting processes, design, etc.
  • How can a waterbody be added to the 303(d) list if we know it is impaired?
    Georgia Environmental Protection Division provides guidance on how to submit data – and need to have a Sampling Quality Assurance Plan approved by EPD.
  • Our city, pop 1,100 only has one well, on occasion our well has gone out of service and we have no water, once it was so long we ran hoses to a farmer’s irrigation well outside of town. This spring we were awarded a CDBG Grant to put 2nd well in service. Unfortunately, the low bid has us $97 -$112,000 short, depending on whether we need a screen system at the bottom is the price difference. Our population is almost 70% minorities and we have a high percentage of low to moderate-income. All this said, would we be eligible to apply for Georgia Power’s water grant?
    Proposals must focus on improving water quality in 303(d) listed water bodies. While it is a clear need it is not a good fit for the program.

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Robert Warren
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