Project Benefit Descriptions


Projects that achieve one or more of the following benefits are considered for inclusion in the BWS Project Bank. When submitting a project for consideration, please use the following guide to determine how to properly assign the benefits your project.

Food & Water Security

Project helps reduce water demands and/or assure long-term delivery of water supply to meet the needs of agriculture and food production.

Groundwater Replenishment

Project either significantly reduces the amount of water withdrawn from aquifers or it implements actions that directly recharge depleted groundwater tables by supplying water and/or facilitating natural infiltration.

Recreation & Economic Enhancements

Project a) contributes positively to human recreation and activity in, on, or near rivers and streams and/or b) supports a local recreation economy by facilitating activities (such as rafting, floating, fishing, bird watching, hunting, picnicking) that generate positive local economic benefits.

Sustainable Agriculture

Project implements actions such as crop switching, water banking, or water conservation to help reduce resource demands while sustaining local agricultural production for the long-term.

Water Efficiency Improvement

Project implements actions that increase water use efficiency through modernization of water delivery and management systems.

Water Quality Improvement

Project enhances water quality in streams, wetlands, rivers, lakes or bays by reducing pollutant inputs.

Wildlife & Habitat Improvement

Project provides habitat benefits that directly support populations of local, native, wild and/or at risk fish and wildlife species.

Environmental Flows

Project restores, enhances and/or protects environmental flows to provide surface water for rivers, lakes, streams, wetlands, etc.

Community Engagement & Education

Project builds water awareness and provides local community engagement and/or education benefits.