Mayook Marsh Habitat Restoration

The 60-acre Mayook Marsh is located on British Columbia provincial Crown land in the Kootenay River floodplain in southeastern BC, 13 miles east of the City of Cranbrook. With the loss of more than 85% of historic wetlands in the province, the water control structure that maintains water levels in the Mayook Marsh, and other built wetlands, is critical. A water control structure installed in 1976 by Ducks Unlimited Canada maintains water levels in this 60-acre marsh but needs upgrading to maintain the values and provide an incremental increase in freshwater storage capacity. Ducks Unlimited Canada will upgrade the structure to current BC standards. This marsh provides habitat for waterfowl, endangered western painted turtles, and a diverse suite of other wildlife species. Located within provincial range land, Mayook Marsh also provides stock watering for five ranchers who share rotating Crown grazing tenures. In addition, the marsh is part of the traditional territory of the Ktunaxa Nation. Ducks Unlimited Canada will reach out to the Ktunaxa to explore opportunities to collaborate on continued stewardship opportunities.


Cranbrook, British Columbia

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Green Infrastructure Investment

Increasing Water Conservation & Efficiency


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