Chiques Roller Mill Dam Removal

The Chiques Roller Mill Dam is located in a priority watershed, Chiques Creek, a tributary to the Susquehanna River in Pennsylvania. Multiple stakeholders in the region including the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (DEP), Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission, National Fish and Wildlife Foundation, American Rivers, Susquehanna River Basin Commission, and Chesapeake Bay Foundation have identified dam removal as an important strategy to improve water quality, enhance aquatic habitat and restore Chiques Creek health.

American Rivers plans to remove the Chiques Roller Mill Dam. This project will restore historic habitat for native river herring and other migratory species in Chesapeake Bay freshwater rivers and streams. This project is a continuation of a broader effort to restore Chiques Creek, with two dam removals already completed.

The Chiques Roller Mill Dam Removal project will open more than 13 river miles, reconnect a portion of the floodplain, and restore natural form and function to a stream that supports American eel, a critical host for Eastern Elliptio mussels living in Chiques Creek. This project builds upon the collective investment made by nongovernmental organizations, government agencies, academic institutions, and the community in bringing Chiques Creek back to life through habitat restoration and reconnection.

* Project removes artificial barriers that restrict passage and/or natural flow of water for some period of the year


Lancaster County, PA

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Project Benefits:

Enhancing Recreation & Economic Benefits

Environmental Flow Restoration & Protection

Water Quality Improvement

Project Type:

Barrier and Impoundment Removal *


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