Deschutes River Flow Restoration

The Deschutes River in central Oregon is a major tributary of the Columbia River. This project will occur on Whychus Creek and the Middle Deschutes River, which suffers from reduced flow and increased temperatures during the irrigation season.

Deschutes River Conservancy (DRC) has been working with Three Sisters Irrigation District (TSID) to develop a leasing program with the goal of leasing more water each year as the program develops. The leased water will be protected instream during the highest period of need, from May through September (Whychus Creek) and April through October (if protected in the Middle Deschutes).

As a result, the instream water will help provide additional flows, improve water temperature and water quality. Species that benefit from additional flow include native redband trout, steelhead and bull trout.

* Project supports voluntary transactions to change, reduce or stop water use – either temporarily or permanently – to protect or restore water for environmental benefit



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Project Benefits:

Water Quality Improvement

Wildlife & Habitat Protection

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Flow Restoration Transaction *


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