Eureka Ditch Project

Established in 1895, the Eureka Ditch is the newest of the four major ditches in the Camp Verde area that draw water from the Verde River. It is an eight mile long earthen irrigation ditch located in the Verde River Valley in Arizona. Settlers began construction on the ditch in 1895 to service six farms located on the former Fort Verde Military Reservation. Today the ditch system provides water to over 200 individual property owners. 

The Eureka Ditch project proposes to install pipe to enclose and eliminate losses from the leakiest section of Eureka Ditch. From the point of diversion to the end of the ditch, project partners have measured significant losses of water through ditch seepage and evaporation. By focusing on the section with the highest losses, piping would provide the highest potential for water savings. The project collaborates with farmers and water users to more efficiently convey water to farms and reduce the amount of water diverted from the Verde River. The objective of the Eureka Ditch project is to reduce maintenance costs, improve water conveyance efficiency to serve Verde Valley water users, and reduce the amount of water diverted from the Verde River. 

The Nature Conservancy—Arizona Chapter and the Eureka Ditch Association are leading the efforts on this project. The Eureka Ditch plays an important role in building resilience for local farms and supporting food security. In addition, habitat and recreation benefits will accrue as this project increases instream flows. The project is expected to begin implementation and construction in fall 2019, with completion by 2020. Click here to learn more.

* Project supports agricultural water use efficiency to reduce the amount of water withdrawn from surface or groundwater sources.


Camp Verde, AZ

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Enhancing Recreation & Economic Benefits

Environmental Flow Restoration & Protection

Securing Water for Communities & Food Production

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Agricultural Water Use Efficiency *


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