Fishing Creek Watershed Demonstration

The Columbia County Conservation District (CCCD) will create five areas of stream projects along a high-profile route of Fishing Creek Watershed to generate interest from surrounding landowners and to make the general public aware of flooding downstream in larger tributaries, Fishing Creek, and the Chesapeake Bay.  This project will support the demonstration project and education signage for the Litwhiler site, and signage in Albertson and Kocher Park. The stream project includes installing stream structures, buffers, and agriculture BMPs to improve stream quality and curtail threats that will reduce the health of the Fishing Creek Watershed.

Agricultural BMPs will include fish habitat structures including modified mudsills, log vane deflectors, random boulders, and associated stream buffers. By stabilizing streams and restoring flood plains in the watershed CCCD will be able to effectively reduce the effects of sediment and flooding downstream.  The educational signage will raise awareness of how stream restoration projects reduce nitrogen, phosphorous, and sediment non-point source pollution loads from agriculture and residential runoff by implementing and maintaining best management practices (BMPs). Signage will also serve as a self-guided driving tour of the stream sites. Each site has accessible public parking to read the signs and get a closer look at the project on public right-of-way if interested. The CCCD will also promote the demonstration sites through a brochure, a Stream Project Story Map posted on social media, site tours with public officials, and presentations to watershed and community groups.

Photo Credit: Wikipedia Ruhrfisch

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Fishing Creek, Pennsylvania

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