Flint Development Center

Wayne County Airport Authority (DTW) seeks to: Highlight and Promote the Region’s Abundant Freshwater Resources. Michigan is located in the heart of the Great Lakes Basin, which holds more than 20% of the world’s freshwater. The region’s abundant and clean water resources provide significant social and economic benefits to area residents, businesses and visitors. 

DTW is also a major hub for Delta Air Lines. Delta Air Lines was interested in expanding its Change the Course sponsorship to the Detroit Airport. Given local needs around human access to clean and safe water, DTW and Delta agreed to prioritize supporting a social benefit project and teamed with Freshwater Future to support the youth-led water testing project at the Flint Development Center. Signage is placed throughout the airport inviting passengers to learn more about the collaborative effort.

This program was successfully piloted in 2018 and a Community Water Lab has been constructed at The Flint Development Center to grow the program’s impact. The Community Water Lab will empower Flint families with knowledge and resources, from unbiased sources, to make informed decisions about their health and safety. The focus on empowerment will help Flint residents begin to feel like they can move forward again in the city safely, instead of seeking anyway possible to leave. Further, the Community Water Lab will expose youth to the growing field of water science, creating the next generation of scientists and engineers that will prevent future water crises. 

* Project supports urban water use efficiency AND raises public awareness of water issues and/or provides community benefits


Flint, Michigan

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Community Engagement & Education

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Public Awareness and Water Efficiency *


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