Muskrat Lake Habitat Restoration

Over the past several decades Muskrat Lake has seen a serious and significant decline in water quality, most specifically related to nutrient loading. Nutrient loading involves an increase in the mass of nutrients (particularly nitrates and phosphates) entering a water body. Over a prolonged period, nutrient loading will have a significant impact on water quality and aquatic ecosystem health. This process is called eutrophication. Watersheds Canada in partnership with the Muskrat Watershed Council will improve water quality in the Snake River – a key tributary of Muskrat Lake – by working in collaboration with local residential and agricultural communities to restore acres of riparian zones with native species of trees and shrubs along the shorelines of the Snake River, Muskrat Lake and Lake Dore.

* Project utilizes best management practices to filter and/or reduce pollution inputs into rivers, streams, lakes, wetlands or near-shore marine areas


Snake River, Ontario

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Water Quality Improvement

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Pollution Reduction and Filtration *


Fully Funded