Sycamore Slough Groundwater Recharge

Davis Ranches plans to be farming in the year 2100 and remain committed to sustainable farm practices, resource management, and conservation. Their groundwater recharge project continues to build on past years of success and research developed to identify areas of the property ideal for surface water recapture. With the help of expert partners, Davis Ranches will monitor how much water makes it into the underground aquifers during targeted flood events and how significant the sphere of influence is by coordinating additional monitoring on neighboring farms. These flood events will both help replenish the aquifer and create seasonal habitat for migrating shorebirds along the Pacific Flyway. 

Davis Ranches is committed to demonstrating the connection between surface and groundwater in the Sacramento Valley. Our groundwater recharge project with P+G expands on our work with The Nature Conservancy, illustrating the capacity surface water users can have on recharging groundwater in our region.  Our long-term goal with our neighboring landowners is to restore the historic Sycamore Slough by reconnecting, revegetating, and reactivating its natural recharge capability.” – Emily Reinhart, Business Manager, Davis Ranches 

* Project supports urban water use efficiency AND raises public awareness of water issues and/or provides community benefits


Colusa, CA

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Project Benefits:

Community Engagement & Education

Groundwater Conservation & Replenishment

Wildlife & Habitat Protection

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Public Awareness and Water Efficiency *


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