Wilson Creek Habitat Restoration

Wilson Creek is a tributary of the East Fork of the Trinity River. The project site include the Greens of McKinney, an abandoned 73 acre golf course.

The McKinney Parks Foundation was formed to partner with the City of McKinney to enhance the beautification and maintenance of the parks and open spaces, promote community involvement and provide education about natural spaces. This project seeks to mitigate urban stormwater runoff into Lavon Lake by restoring vegetation along Wilson Creek.

This investment in reforestation, amongst other benefits, will protect source water for cities within the North Texas Municipal Water District’s service area, improve water quality, improve air quality, and provide habitat for wildlife.

* Project restores natural hydrologic conditions to facilitate improved capture and infiltration of surface water and groundwater recharge


McKinney, TX

Start Up Date:


Project Benefits:

Water Quality Improvement

Wildlife & Habitat Protection

Project Type:

Restoration of Natural Hydrology *


Fully Funded