Aspen Business Lunch

Overlooking the gorgeous Aspen Valley Business for Water Stewardship was honored to host the weekly Aspen Business Lunch in August. This 42 year tradition brings business, civic, government and community leaders together to learn about a relevant local issue. Our speakers for the day included Marianne Vigilli- Glenwood Chamber Resort Association, Pete Yang- Alpine Bank, Aspen Branch and Rick Lofaro- Roaring Fork Conservancy.

Craig Mackey- Policy Director for BWS provided the backdrop of the Colorado River Basin shortages we face as well as some of the ways that businesses can be involved with confronting these challenges. Then, Marianne explained how the Glenwood Springs Chamber’s ad campaigns and tourist outreach are focused on water, with their current theme being “Welcome to the Land of Water.” She explained how impactful chambers of commerce can be in advocating for smart water solutions and encouraged all of those in the room to lend their voice to the issue of our rivers.

Next, Pete talked about Alpine Bank’s Green Initiative and their commitment to reducing their water usage. He explained that when the Green Team started to look at the bank’s water use they were able to find easy ways to reduce leaks, look at their landscaping use and promote employee awareness. At the Aspen branch they have reduced that location’s water use by 42%!

Lastly, Rick talked about what the Roaring Fork Conservancy is doing in Aspen and across the Roaring Fork Valley to engage the business community in their work to protect rivers, keep water in local streams, monitor water quality and preserve riparian habitat. He said that there are many ways that local businesses can support their work, including helping to support the new River Center.