Corporations are Investing in our State’s Water Future and Urging Arizona Lawmakers to Find Long Term Drought Planning Solutions

Recently corporate representatives from Intel Corporation, Cox Communications, Cox Automotive, Swire Coca Cola, Siemens, Ewing Irrigation and the Arizona Diamondbacks met with law makers to talk about water risk, efficiencies their companies have invested in, their collective commitment to river restoration, and to emphasize the economic need for a comprehensive drought plan.

Companies in Arizona are increasingly funding river restoration projects throughout the Verde River Valley, investing in farm efficiencies and groundwater replenishment to support solutions that ensure long term access to water resources. By investing in the communities in which they operate, companies are putting their money to work for the rivers in the state.

Cox Communications, Intel and Swire Coca Cola representatives, along with BWS staff

At the Capitol, business representatives urged law makers to think about the long-term implications of not planning for drought and how that affects business in the state. Water risk is a major concern for businesses with significant operations in the state. Businesses need a reliable source of water and the drought planning process currently being debated in the Arizona legislature is a critical piece of the conversation.

The solutions to our water shortages will need to ensure that our water bank accounts in Lake Mead and Lake Powell are secure. The drought planning process is attempting to make sure that our water savings in these reservoirs is stable as the west continues to see extreme droughts like the one we are in this year. Snowpack is at record lows across the Colorado River basin which means we must be even more vigilant in our planning now.

The business community is watching the process and will continue to weigh in on the need to come up with a plan for the future.