Over 60 corporate leaders convene in Phoenix to celebrate collective impact on freshwater restoration in Arizona

Oak Creek Canyon Sedona
Oak Creek Canyon Sedona

We all depend on freshwater for drinking, food, energy, work and play, and American business is one sector leading the way toward a secure and sustainable water future.

In Arizona, where freshwater systems are under stress, water restoration projects are critical in restoring health to rivers and groundwater aquifers that support business and recreation, and contribute to an overall improved quality of life in one of the country’s most rapidly growing states.

Change the Course corporate sponsors have funded more innovative projects that restore water and enhance quality of life in Arizona than in any other state. Restoration projects often include modernizing aging and inefficient agricultural water infrastructure, which helps deliver water for food production while restoring flows or replenishing groundwater to benefit vital freshwater ecosystems (learn more about project types here).

To date, Change the Course has supported 15 projects and restored three billion gallons of freshwater across Arizona. And, that was worth celebrating.

Some Guy at PodiumAll Change the Course sponsors were invited to attend the event in Phoenix to celebrate the collective impact of the campaign to date. Across the nation, a diverse group of over 35 companies are using their brands, capacity, and/or financial support to directly advance solutions that go beyond their four walls and usher us towards a water secure future. They recognize that stretching water resources and growing the impact of this work requires stronger water conservation efforts, promoting water reuse and recycling solutions, and piloting new and flexible ways to manage water and meet the needs of rivers and economies.

In association with GreenBiz17, on February 13, 2017, we convened over 60 corporate representatives (from Intel to WhiteWave Foods Company to MLB), Arizona NGO partners and media to shine a light on corporate leaders in water stewardship and recognize our collective impact on rivers and freshwater in Arizona.

The event program featured remarks from top Change the Course sponsors, including: Coca-Cola, REI, Waste Management and the Thunderbirds.

Thunderbirds AwardThe evening was topped off with the delivery of a $33,333 donation on behalf of the Thunderbirds Waste Management, and the Waste Management Phoenix Open to support Change the Course restoration projects in Arizona.

The following day, on the opening day of GreenBiz17, Change the Course Co-Creator Sandra Postel delivered a keynote address: Changing the Course of the Human Water Story across North America