MillerCoors uses technology to achieve water efficiency goals

Coors250x185Res72MillerCoors has conducted water footprint assessments throughout the company to better understand their water use. The company has set an efficiency goal of 3:1 (gallons of water to make 1 gallon of beer). The industry average is 7:1. They have committed to capital investments in technology as well as encouraging behavioral changes to achieve their goals.

The footprint has also demonstrated that they need to think beyond their factory walls- only 10% of their water use is within their facilities, with the remaining 90% upstream in their agricultural supply chain. Therefore, MillerCoors has partnered with 900 farmers across Idaho, Wyoming, and Montana to fund farm level efficiency through supporting growers to implement soil moisture sensors and remote technology applications.

Their success working with the growers was built on the trust they had developed through personal connections with multiple generations of farming families, and approaching the growers to first understand their values and processes.  MillerCoors strongly believes that personal connection and local relevance to its communities drives sustainability outside their factory walls.