Why Should the Business Community Care About Water on the West Slope?

Business leaders, ranchers, local community development experts and water experts discussed ways that the business community will be crucial in advocating for the future of the Colorado River and economic development in the Grand Valley. The panelists had a great discussion about the untapped value of the river that runs through the middle of Grand Junction. Sarah Shrader, local business owner and founder of the Outdoor Recreation Coalition said that most major cities with rivers see them as economic assets and build infrastructure to support use and activity along the river banks. Grand Junction Economic Development Executive Director Kristi Pollard agreed and said developing the river is a priority for her group. She said, “Our rivers and outdoor lifestyle are an asset and make Grand Junction a desirable location for business.” Sam Williams who is the GM for Powderhorn Ski Resort put it more bluntly, “If we don’t have water here businesses, recreation and people will not come here.”

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