Oak Creek Irrigation Modernization

The Oak Creek Irrigation Modernization Project upgrades and replaces aging and inefficient water infrastructure located on irrigation ditch systems that divert water from Oak Creek between the town of Sedona and the confluence with the Verde River. The project installs new modernized irrigation pivot sprinkler systems on a farm property to reduce on-farm water use and also installs a new ditch head-gate system to facilitate improved water diversion and management. This helps enhance flows and reduce periodic dewatering in the creek.

* Project supports agricultural water use efficiency to reduce the amount of water withdrawn from surface or groundwater sources.


Sedona, AZ

Start Up Date:


Project Benefits:

Enhancing Recreation & Economic Benefits

Increasing Water Conservation & Efficiency

Securing Water for Communities & Food Production

Water Quality Improvement

Project Type:

Agricultural Water Use Efficiency *


Funding Needed

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Project Partner

The Nature Conservancy of Arizona