Verde River – Oak Creek Groundwater Recharge

The Verde River is treasured by Arizona communities that rely on it for drinking water, food production, and recreation. Its flowing waters and green, living corridor provide a unique and lush oasis in the high desert.

In the arid Southwest, many of the once flowing rivers and streams now only see flowing water during periods of extreme rain. In Arizona, 35% of the river miles that once flowed freely year-round no longer do. Several factors contribute to low water levels in these rivers including greater water demand than available river flows and proliferation of groundwater wells. One of the significant long-term threats to the Verde River is posed by continued increases in groundwater pumping.

Change the Course’s support for a voluntary pilot program led by the Friends of Verde River Greenway has the potential to shift this outcome, preserving a flowing river and protecting water supplies, while promoting sustainable economic development.

The pilot Groundwater Mitigation Program provides a vehicle for current and potential water users to work in concert to reduce the amount of water removed from the river and groundwater system through a balancing mechanism moving toward water neutrality. The mechanism involves “sellers” and “buyers.” Willing water users (“sellers”), voluntarily agree to not use a certain quantity of water for a defined period of time. A corresponding credit is provided to another user, (“buyers”) who wishes to balance the impact of their new or existing groundwater pumping.

Friends of Verde River Greenway, working with a diverse set of collaborators, has developed several first of their kind groundwater mitigation demonstration projects.

* Project supports agricultural water use efficiency to reduce the amount of water withdrawn from surface or groundwater sources.


Verde River Valley, AZ

Start Up Date:


Project Benefits:

Environmental Flow Restoration & Protection

Groundwater Conservation & Replenishment

Securing Water for Communities & Food Production

Wildlife & Habitat Protection

Project Type:

Agricultural Water Use Efficiency *


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Project Partner

Friends of the Verde River Greenway