Business leaders tour distillery with unique water conserving features

Carbondale 1Gathering at the innovative Marble Distilling Company in Carbondale, Colorado 40 business leaders and water experts learned about Roaring Fork Valley water issues and toured the distillery’s unique facilities. As a follow up to our October Business of Water in Glenwood Springs, we wanted to offer leaders a chance to network, learn about water news in the valley and hear about ways to engage in 2017 as we continue to work on the Colorado Water Plan.

Carbondale 2The distillery, which makes vodka and has begun to make whiskey, is the only one in the U.S. that is recycling their spent water. The distillery has created a geo-loop which conserves and reuses water in the distilling process while also creating energy from the hot water that is used in their on-site Inn. Brewers and Distillers from around the country visit Marble Distilling Company to learn about this system to be able to replicate it back at their facilities.